Taffeta Pinafore Dress Design By Lisa Elliot, Neo 80, 1985

DSCN4354fxneo80dressI was recalling the origins of this picture, and I will now relate them. This is another Nina Blanchard New Face of 1985. Cathy, A fantastic subject to photograph as you may have already possibly noticed. I felt I needed to develop my portfolio some more, since I was getting models to test with. So I went down to Melrose Ave., checking out fashions for Cathy to wear in a test shoot. So I walked into this store with beautiful, creative, one of a kind, inspiring designs by Lisa Elliot called NEO 80, I introduced myself to a gentleman named Klause Wille, whom I believe was Lisa’s partner. I told Klause of my situation and he agreed to loan me a dress for a few hours, if I provided an 11×14 print of the image of his choice to display in his store, NEO 80.

I then brought Cathy to the store to pick the best fitting dress for for her to wear for our shoot, then we cruised right over the the area near the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (that’s the L A Craft and Folk Art Museum Building behind the model), and took our pictures, no make-up, hair stylist, or assistants (I often prefer a little reality within my fashion  photographs). The large image is the image which Klaus selected for display in his store, and I agree with his choice.

I used Kodak VPS Color Negative film, ASA 160.  35mm Nikon camera. and a 105mm lens. The large picture scanned for use here, was printed by myself, in my darkroom, as was the one I supplied to the store. The other picture was taken on Kodachrome 64 film. The biggest thing I learned doing this shoot, was the right time to capture this dress was late in the day near sunset, which created much more atmospheric mood.

Thank you Klaus and Lisa, for the uniquely beautiful, dress to capture. Melrose is just not as good now as it was, in the Eighties. Lisa passed in 2009. Rest In Peace.


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